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First known in France as Norman Studios and for the feature films Renaissance and The Prodiges, the studio was renamed ON Animation Studios in 2015 to mark its belonging to ON Entertainment Group.That same year, ON opened a studio in the heart of the young and vibrant city of Montreal, a fast-growing city in the animation industry.

ON Animation Studios became the home of the technical and artistic team that developed and produced the Cesar Award-winning film The Little Prince and Mune - The Guardian of the Moon. The studio is now working on its next adventure, the Playmobil movie with Director Lino DiSalvo (Frozen, Tangled, Bolt).


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Deux superproductions d'animation créées à Montréal


Les Britanniques arrivent, mais les Français aussi. Deux studios issus de l'Hexagone annonceront bientôt deux superproductions d'animation à Montréal, dont le budget p...

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Mark Osborne et Le petit prince: l'amour d'un livre


Nommé deux fois aux Oscars et réalisateur de l'un des 10 plus grands succès de l'histoire du cinéma d'animation, Kung Fu Panda, Mark Osborne a laissé Dreamwork...

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Montréal, ville animée


La sortie du long métrage Le petit prince - une production de 80 millions tournée en grande partie ici - confirme que Montréal s'est taillé une place enviable en cin&...

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ON Entertainment mise sur Montréal pour implanter son studio d’animation...


ON Entertainment, chef de file français reconnu mondialement dans les domaines de l’animation et du cinéma, annonce aujourd’hui l’implantation de son studio nord-...

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Le studio d’animation ON s'installe à Montréal


L’entreprise française ON Entertainment, producteur du «Petit Prince» en animation, implante son studio nord-américain à Montréal, un investissement...

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GKIDS, Fathom Set One-Day Screening Event for ‘Mune: Guardian of the Moon’


Mune: Guardian of the Moon will be in movie theaters nationwide for one day only on Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 12:55 p.m. local time. The French produced film is being released in a new Englis...

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Playmobil - Le film sera fabriqué à Montréal


Le studio ON Animation Studios (Le Petit Prince), installé dans ses nouveaux locaux de Montréal depuis ce printemps, travaille actuellement à la fabrication de ...

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ON Animation Studios s'installe à Montréal et débute la production de « ...


Installé à Montréal dans ses nouveaux locaux depuis ce printemps, le studio d’animation ON Animation Studios (membre du groupe ON Kids & Family), est reconnu pour ...

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‘The Little Prince’ Snag BAFTA Children’s Nominations; Lionsgate Names I...


Amazon, Netflix and Sky Kids have each received their first BAFTA Children’s Awards nominations. The prizes honor the best in kids media with a ceremony to be held November ...

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Un film Playmobil en tournage à Montréal


C’est entouré de mystère qu’un film d’animation mettant en scène les figurines des Playmobil est en cours de développement à Montréal ...

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Isolate any object with a perfect antialiasing


R.Chikh,C. Corvazier, B. Legros - 06-2016

We present a new storage scheme for computer graphic images based on OpenEXR 2.Using such EXR/Id files, the compositing artist can isolate an object selection (by picking them or using a regular expression to match their names) and color corrects them with no edge artefact, which was not possible to achieve without rendering the object selection on its own layer. Using this file format avoids going back and forth between the rendering and the compositing departments because no mask image or layering are needed anymore.

The technique is demonstrated in an open source software suite, including a library to read and write the EXR/Id files and an OpenFX plug-in which generates the images in any compositing software.

Lend me your comb : faster grooming with an artist adaptive software

ON Animation Studios Technical Paper

Jérémy Ringard - 07-2016

In this paper, we present the solution we developped at ON Animation Studios to assist the Character FX department on the production of Mune and The Little Prince. Our goal was to design a tool that adapts to the artists rather than a solution that requires learning and practice. To do this, we provide the grooming artists the freedom to choose the interaction mode they feel the most comfortable with. Therefore, the grooming system we wrote provides three different approaches to create hair: curve sculpting, volume modeling, and sketch-based. While being different, these approaches remains compatible and can be mixed together depending of the artists’ needs.

Shape-Analysis-Driven Surface Correction


Claude Levastre - 08-2017

In this paper, we describe a technique called Shape Analysis Driven Surface Correction that introduces a new generalized way of stor- ing and restituting surface corrections and automate their blending by using live surface shape analysis combined with Radial Basis Function (RBF) based interpolators.

Our team


Lino DiSalvo



Rémi Salmon

Production Designer


Maurissa Horwitz



Stephan Frank

Head of story / cinematographer


Pascal Bertrand

Chief Technology Officer


Julien Rossire

Art Director


Julien Bocabeille

Head of animation


Rachid Chikh

VFX Supervisor


Jeremy Ringard

CFX supervisor


Arnaud Ceysson

Environments supervisor


Laurent Davené

Character supervisor


Stéphanie Baillod

Character Look Dev Supervisor


Vincent Tonelli

Sets Look Dev supervisor


Ahmad Ghourab

FX supervisor


Benjamin Legros

Guerilla Render


Claude Levastre

R&D supervisor


Alexis Vonarb

Co-founder & Producer


Tito Ortiz

Executive Producer


Olivier Rakoto

Chief Executive Officer


Emmanuel Jacomet

Associate Producer


Mary Maffei

Animation Producer


Jean-Bernard Marinot

Line Producer


Patrick Canning

Production manager


Thalia Vitaniotis

Lead Recruiter


Fabien Charbonnier

IT manager


Sarah Calderon

Financial Controller


Quin Tran

Relocation Manager


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